AI-Driven merchandising decisions.

Focus on the most important insights, uncovered by AI

Merchants waste 4-5 hours every Monday morning going through hundreds of BI reports to decide what to focus on each week. Our AI algorithms automatically provide a list of the top 15-20 insights that need the most attention each week.


    Track 100s of business metrics in real-time

    Our AI processes terabytes of data from your transactions, inventory, vendor, MDM, and more, calculating deviations in hundreds of business metrics across multiple time-lines:

    • Operations
    • Product Onboarding
    • Content
    • Financials
    • SEO Metrics
    • Promotions

      Ask any questions about the health of your business

      For questions that require deeper analysis, we leverage our team of data scientists, statisticians, and data analysts to provide customized responses to queries that impact both tactical and strategic decisions.


        2 +

        Zetabytes Analyzed


        10 +

        Million Insights Delivered


        200 +



        10 +

        Million SKUs Monitored


        Quickly pinpoint the anomalies that need attention


        Insights that matter

        15-20 insights specific to a merchant’s focus area, provided automatically by AI each week. Merchants can then organize those insights based on their own priorities and constraints.


        Root-cause Identification

        Dive deeper into the top reasons behind each insight, simplifying identification of the root cause and clarifying the steps needed to address it.


        Seamless Integration

        It takes just 4-6 weeks to integrate databases with MerchantX and configure parameters specific to individual retailers.


        SKU-level Analysis

        Perform analysis at an individual SKU level, or by aggregating SKUs by category, location, product attributes, brand, and more.


        AI-driven Optimization

        MerchantX gets smarter over time. As merchants use the tool, MerchantX collects data around their behaviour and optimizes various parameters to prioritize the most important anomalies, fine-tuned to the retailer's needs.


        100+ KRAs Monitored

        MerchantX comes pre-configured with over 100 KRAs (Key Result Areas) frequently used by retailers around the world to monitor various aspects of retail operations. These KRAs can be augmented and customized based on the retailer's own unique KRAs.